Creating the network of knowledge labs for sustainable and resilient environments – KLABS

The project Creating the Network of Knowledge Labs for Sustainable and Resilient Environments is capacity building action in the field of higher education, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

KLABS is an educational platform that addresses two current and equally important challenges of urban and rural built environments in Western Balkan – sustainability and resilience to climate change.

Category: Erasmus+ Project

Project web-site: Klabs


KLABS formula is research-oriented; project development methodology relied on the definition of realistic problem in considered Western Balkan urban and rural built areas which today are faced with challenges in terms of sustainable development and adaptation to climate change. Sustainability is recognized as a fundamental condition for the progress of society at all levels.

Work methodology in project KLABS was elaborated through five work package types, encompassing in total 24 work packages necessary to achieve project aims and objectives.


The overall aim of the project Creating the Network of Knowledge Labs for Sustainable and Resilient Environments, according to the original plan, was to support modernisation of higher education in Western Balkans by implementing strategic approach in the development of innovative platform for the delivery of knowledge about sustainable and resilient environments.

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